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Focusing on innovation, we bring the efficiency of vertical manufacturing close to home!

Domestic WarehousingNational Webbing products Co. (NWP) is the prime manufacturer in the United States of cotton, nylon, and polyproylene webbing, plastic and metal hardware, hook and loop, neoprene and zippers. Our capabilities and advantages are that NWP also manufactures finished assemblies utilizing the best quality components available. Our web straps and web belts are manufactured using the quality webbings in nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and cotton, using the highest levels of quality plastic and metal hardware. Asian production combined with an option of domestic warehousing provides the perfect combination of quality and service with competitive global pricing.

National Webbing Products Co. manufactures a wide range of narrow fabrics including webbing, braid, tapes, knits and cords from commodity and military specification to fashion and everything in between. We offer cotton, polypropylene, nylon and polyester to linen, rayon, jute, acrylic and wool. A complete selection of green and eco-friendly products are also available in hemp, soy, bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester. We offer solids, patterns, jacquards, sublimation and roller printing fabrics in non-elastic and elastic constructions.

Our website includes information applications , capabilities, and products to keep you informed of the latest developments and innovations in your industry!

Narrow Fabrics

Webbing NWP manufactures a wide range of narrow fabrics including cotton, nylon, and polyproylene, webbing, braid, tapes, knits, and cords from commodity, military specification, to fashion and everything in between.

Fabric Belts & Suspenders

Belt ManufacturingNWP manufactures everything from basic spun polyester garment belts and suspenders to high end retail belts utilizing intricate trims and leather. We also manufacture commerical and government specification military belts.

Metal and Plastic Hardware

Metal buckles manufacturingNWP is the leading resource of engineered thermoplastic and metal fasteners offering the highest quality and workmanship. We produce a complete line of buckles, loops, hooks, cord locks and other fasteners.

Strap & Cord Assemblies

Strap and cord NWP manufactures a complete line of strap and cord assemblies from cargo and tie downs to lanyards and juvenile straps.

Pet Products

Manufactured Pet ProductsNational Webbing manufactures dog collars, leashes, breakaway cat collars, puppy pads, and eco-friendly variations made with recycled polyester.

Hook & Loop and Zippers

Zippers NWP produces a full line of hook and loop products. Our zipper styles include nylon and plastic zippers, with a variety of matching sliders. We also offer many diameters of marine and commercial grade shock cord.

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