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Why Shock Cord Is Essential to Outdoor Activities

Shock Cord

National Webbing Products manufactures and produces the highest quality shock cord at the best prices. Shock cord is known by numerous different names, including the most common bungee cord. Shock cord is typically a rubber cord with elastic strands in the core to increase both tensile strength and durability. Note that the jacket, or sheath, of the shock cord does not materially extend the elastically, rather the braided strands spiraling the core causes a longitudinal pull which squeezes the core. Typically shock cord is enveloped in abrasive-resistant material composed of polypropylene, polyester, or nylon.

Shock cord is essential to outdoor activities because it of its versatility in quickly securing a load without the use of knots and due to shock cords natural shock absorption.  Shock cord is found throughout the world as a general utility item and continues to grow in use and versatility.  In outdoor activities it is important to know that when a load is secured that it is actually secured and won’t shift unexpectedly. This is especially true in outdoor activities such as rocking climbing and camping. Additionally shock cord is used throughout the world to secure and transport goods and products.  The ease of use, the dependability, and the other previously mentioned qualities of tensile strength and durability have made shock cord a staple in the transportation industry, especially domestically in residential, non-commercial, uses.

Note that military shock cord undergoes rigorous tests including size and weight measurements, tensile strength, elongation under loads, and extension-contraction flex cycles.

Shock Cord

At National Webbing Products we offer shock cord in three different varieties: Black Braided Polypro, CSC Black Polypropylene Elastic, and CSC White/Black Polyester Elastic Shock Cord. Our shock cord is available in sizes from 1/8” to 1/2”.  We offer a compare tool to assist in selecting the best shock cord for any needs, and we also offer personalized assistance through direct communications with our company. We offer the best quality shock cord, at reasonable prices.  At National Webbing Products we sell quality shock cord in bulk quantities to save our clients time and money on all shock cords needs and desires.

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