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Maintaining Healthy Shock Cords

Shock cords get their unique abilities through a series of continuous windings of rubber bands. Because of how they are made and used, the cords are subject to wear and damage. Being mindful of several considerations, like what material will be used for ropes and what activity ropes will be used for, will help you get the most from your cords.shock cord

First, you need to keep a watchful eye for any damages. Damaged and worn shock cords are typically easy to spot. For instance, once overstressed (overloading of hard landing), rubber strands begin to break. To spot this problem, look for thin spots at the area where strands are broken. Bungees exposed to excessive dirt, sunlight, or chemicals will deteriorate and eventually lose strength.

With a careful eye, it is easy to spot when shock cords begin to lose strength. When using soft bungee cords, gear being held begins to look like it is squatting. As strength is lost, items will fall closer to the ground.

Make sure to store ropes correctly to extend their life. Keep items in a controlled environment that also has relatively low humidity. High humidity will damage a rope. Keep ropes out of UV lighting, because UV deteriorates ropes. Lastly, make sure to keep ownership records for the ropes. You should not forget when the rope was initially put into use.

Shock Cord

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