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Industrial Applications of Bungee Shock Cords

Shock cord, or bungee cord, is a specialized type of rubber formed or woven into strong elastic strands and jacketed in friction-resistant materials like polypropylene or nylon. It is used casually by campers, people moving heavy furniture between residences, and people preparing for bad weather who want to drape tarps over their vehicles. But these shock cords, so named because they are strong without being vulnerable to shock or tearing, are manufactured for industrial applications, too, usually bought in bulk by the spool in a variety of thicknesses and jacket materials. These are some of the industrial uses of bulk shock cord.

Shock Cord

If you want or need to buy bulk shock cord, you can make use of these high-quality, durable products for many industrial or casual purposes. The above applications are just some of the near-infinite ways that shock cord can be useful. Find an online retailer to compare products in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and materials so that you have the cord you need to get a delicate job done or just have a great outdoor trek. Shock cord is suitable for a variety of needs.