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What Are My Choices for Webbing Materials

When shopping for wholesale webbing, it is important to recognize that there are several material options to choose between. Of course, feel and look are important factors, but you must also consider the common application, durability, and strength needed. If you decide based on your eyes and price and not on your needs, you will quickly realize you made a mistake. This realization costs money and time, which are never things you should waste in business. How do you choose the right webbing material for your next job?Nylon Webbing

If you need a strong and reliable material, your first two options should be either nylon webbing or polyester webbing (poly webbing). When comparing nylon and polypro webbing, nylon is typically seen as the stronger of the two materials. Polypropylene webbing makes sense when working in a marine environment because the material can float. The material is also often used as tie-downs for batteries and other gear. When nylon gets wet, it is known to stretch and lose some strength.

Polyester webbing is a great option for durable webbing. Polyester is like nylon, except it weighs less and costs less. Polyester is often used for clothing and pet accessories.

Of the three types of webbing listed above (nylon, polyester, polypropylene), nylon often is seen as the most versatile for everyday use. Nylon webbing can handle almost any job, application, or environment, from seat belts to military equipment.

Other choices not mentioned above, like cotton webbing, so it is important to weigh your options properly. For questions about our webbing and services, you should not hesitate to contact our talented team.

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