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All You Need to Know about Shock Cord Ropes

Elastic shock cord has many practical and even more creative uses in the world today. To make the most out of shock cord rope, it can be helpful to know the basics, like what they're made of and what people typically use them for. This can help you find ways to use bungee cords to suit your individual needs and simplify your family's life. Here's what you need to know.


What Are Shock Cords?

Shock cords are basically a rope that is made of elastic on the inside. The core might be made of just one elastic strand or many strands. The core is surrounding by polypropylene, nylon, or polyester material that's really resistant to fraying from frequent use and exposure to weather elements. They come in many different sizes and colors and usually have hooks on the ends, so they're useful in many applications.

What Are Typical Uses?

Probably the most common use of shock cords is to tie down loads to keep them secure or safe under a tarp. They're so popular for this use because they can keep loads extremely secure without having to tie knots. Tying things down is very quick and easy and takes a little thought to do effectively when using shock cords.

What Are Unique Uses?

There are numerous unique uses of bungee cords that you've probably never thought of. They're great for a ball and outdoor toys cage against the garage wall. They can also help with baby proofing by connecting all cabinet or drawer handles together, and even help keep a child from falling out of a bunk bed by making zigzag patterns across the opening.

They also have great organizational uses in the home and can help organize shoes along with a closet door, jar lid rings in a pantry, cords in the garage, and items like sunglasses and headphones. Their numerous designs can also make them fun alternatives for shoelaces, bracelets, and even a woven seat base for a stool. Shock cords also work for practical uses like DIY baby gates and curtain rods.

Finally, bungee cords can help you organize those awkward items in your house for storage, like wrapping paper and yoga mats. You can organize strollers and other items in the back of your car as well.