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3 Reasons Outdoor Companies Use Nylon Webbing


At National Webbing Products we know that nylon webbing is used in outdoor adventures, tools, and equipment.  Nylon webbing is preferred over other materials because of the strength of the webbing, the weight of the webbing, and the durability of nylon webbing.

Nylon Webbing Strength

Nylon is a natural choice for webbing because of its high tensile strength.  Depending on the width of the nylon webbing, nylon webbing is able to support multiples of weight surpassing that of traditional materials or natural fibers.  Nylon webbing is one of the strongest webbings manufactured and therefore is featured dominantly in different outdoor activities such as rock climbing, camping, and other gear using straps.

Nylon Webbing Weight

Nylon is a synthetic polymer that is light weight aside from being durable and maintaining a high level of tensile strength.  This is important to numerous outdoor activities as they require a great deal of strength and endurance and athletes and outdoor enthusiast are always looking for ways to minimize weight while still having dependable equipment.  The lightweight nature of nylon webbing allows the outdoor enthusiast to use webbing in a variety of different aspects, including everything from hiking, backpacking, and camping, to rock and mountain climbing.

Nylon Webbing Durability

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of nylon webbing is that it is extremely durable.  Nylon is not given to break or snap like other materials.  The durable nature of nylon webbing makes it one of the most trusted webbing materials available and is one of the main reasons that it is so prevalent in outdoor equipment.

At National Webbing Products we manufacture bulk nylon webbing in different colors and in different weights that can be used in a variety of different products, including both indoor and out.  The nylon products are available in a variety of colors and are highly rated.  National Webbing Products are available to different specifications depending on need and desire, including military strength and specifications.  The wide range of different options and varieties as well as different specifications opens the doors to different uses of the products in different situations.

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