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Common Types of Plastic Buckles

Posted on 24th Feb 2017 @ 2:42 AM

Buckles are convenient fasteners for clothes, jewelry, and various projects. While there are many different types of buckles of different materials such as metal, plastic buckles, especially side release buckles, are very popular since they are relatively light, meaning they can be used in a wider variety of situations. We have found, though, that different types of buckles are useful in different situations.

Plastic buckle

Just knowing that you want a plastic buckle does not sufficiently narrow down your choice of materials. There are various types of plastic that have different weights and different levels of quality to them. Lighter buckles are more common and easier to find, especially because they are generally cheaper. However, if you are using buckles on any sort of outdoor gear, you might prefer to invest in heavier, higher-quality plastic fastening clips. If your buckle is more decorative or used more lightly, the lighter option is often better.

Some of the biggest differences in buckle types come down to how the buckles are adjusted and released. Of course, there are some minor differences in shape, like rounded or contoured edges instead of sharp corners that won’t make a huge difference to most people, but are sometimes worth considering for style preference.

However, you will probably want to look to see if you’re getting a single-adjusting or double-adjusting buckle, which would allow you to either adjust the strap on one side of the buckle or both of them. If you’re clipping something that will require minimal adjustment, it is often better to keep it simple and stick with a single-adjusting buckle.

You will also want to try different plastic buckles to see how easily they release. If you’re getting a buckle for something like a dog collar, you won’t want it to come undone easily. You may want buckles on your own jewelry to come off with less effort, so then you may prefer to look for easy-release buckles.