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Quality Products that Make a Difference for the Environment

Posted on 11th Mar 2013 @ 1:48 PM

National Webbing Products (NWP) manufactures a wide range of products from an extensive selection of materials. In fact, we have an entire line of unique and eco-friendly finished pet products, as well as woven webbings. Our concern for the environment is second to none. Our eco-friendly products are nontoxic and made with sustainable ingredients that are grown without pesticides. In addition, some of these items are made from recycled materials. Our eco-friendly products are specially manufactured in such a way that they do not deplete or adversely affect the environment. Whether you need a new belt, lanyard, or even a collar for your dog, we have the high-quality, eco-friendly webbings to meet your needs.

We have in stock a full assortment of recycled polyester and organic cotton collars and leads already carded for retail display. Other products are made to order. Choose whichever color, width, or construction that serves your needs and we can deliver you a quality environmentally-friendly product. NWP offers recycled polyester webbings. Our revolutionary recycling process enables us to turn plastic bottles into a yarn that weaves into soft and durable webbing that’s hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial and as eco-friendly as it gets!  Unlike conventional cotton crops, our organic cotton webbing uses no pesticides or fertilizers and contains no toxic chemicals. All our organic cotton colors are made using earth friendly dyes. Other eco-friendly items include bamboo, soy, and jute webbing that is all woven to order, and is completely customizable. All of these materials can be crafted into the perfect product for you.

Our commitments to helping the environment and manufacturing quality webbing come together perfectly with our line of eco-friendly products. Whatever you order from our product line, you can be secure in the knowledge that the item will be up to your highest standards, and that the effect on the environment will be minimized.