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Custom Product Design: Appearance, Function, & Performance

Posted on 4th Jan 2013 @ 3:42 PM

It’s the unique belts, the carefully designed webbings; the intricately placed hardware on web straps that make for an eye-catching product. At National Webbing Products (NWP), we’re certainly aware that unique and innovative accessories and narrow fabrics come down to the subtleties and the details, yet we also know that there are many other requirements for each customer to consider with custom designs. So, as we’ve built our business on excellence in appearance, we’ve never sacrificed function and performance. On these principles, our business has flourished over the past several decades.

Now in our third generation of family ownership, we’ve retained our core values in design and development and exponentially increased our manufacturing both in the U.S. and overseas. As a result, another requirement for our customers, namely cost effectiveness, has been ensured. In other words, our customers enjoy the advantages of design, engineering, communication, and support within the U.S., but experience the competitive pricing of overseas manufacturing. In large part, our unrivaled prices and expanded line of innovative products have been achieved through our quality initiatives and vertical integration.

Whether in supplying raw material components or completing finished products and packaging, we’ve become a global resource for a range of product lines and industries. To improve our reach as a resource, we’ll be sharing our material knowledge of webbings, fashion and military belts, web straps lanyards, hardware, neoprene and more; reflecting on current trends; and updating our clients on company news here on our new blog – we  hope you’ll follow us along the way!