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wholesale suspendersWe have a full assortment of styles in elastic and non-elastic covering a multitude of industries including fashion, uniform and work related applications.

Our advantages and capabilities are that NWP manufactures a complete line of elastic and non-elastic suspenders for industries providing suspenders to workers, firefighters, and hunters. We also offer a wide selection of woven or braided fabric suspenders for the youth and adult market in both casual and formal styles.

Webbing for suspenders can be made of polypropylene, nylon, cotton terry, and polyester, in a variety of widths from ¾” up to 2”. NWP’s suspenders can be made in elastic, either entirely or only at attachment ends with most of suspenders, forming an X or Y shape at the back.  

Suspenders are typically attached to trousers with buttons using leather tabs at the ends or with clips. We can fabricate the suspenders to your spec in a variety of colors, widths and in many different woven and/or braided fabrics.

Our suspender closures and back pieces are made out of metal, vinyl, or leather. We also offer packaging for the suspenders in bulk, on hangers or in gift boxes.