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Cord Locks

Plastic Cord Locks

Our plastic cord locks from National Webbing can be the essential touch that your product needs. Whether you’re creating the ultimate windbreaker or looking for that last touch on your back-to-school backpack design, our plastic cord locks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors that can fit your needs perfectly. Our products are designed with versatility in mind, making our cord locks appropriate for all manner of fastening applications in anything from apparel to industrial items. We offer cord locks with steel springs and with low minimums, and our cord locks have openings at both 6mm and 8mm to accommodate different sized cords.

We carry ball cord locks in black and white, which is the perfect jacket accessory for keeping strings and hoods in just the right place and frame for covering your face and shielding you from the rain.

We also have top-notch standard and dual opening cord locks. The traditional standard cord locks have the easiest, most natural versatility of all the cord locks, while our dual opening cord locks add that extra level of tension necessary for certain design plans. For that more unique design, there are black and white box cord locks to choose from as well.