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There are several reasons why plastic is often the preferred choice in the manufacturing of buckles. Plastic is less expensive than other materials used in buckles such as metals. It is lightweight, wear resistant, and impact resistant. Good plastic has great aesthetic value, it exhibits less roughness, no lubrication is required, it is corrosion resistant, can be used outdoors, it is odorless, it is recyclable, and its co-efficient of thermal expansion is low. When shopping for plastic buckles, more important than the price is ensuring that you are getting quality.

We sell quality plastic buckles in 6 different categories.

  • Side release 
  • Center release
  • Cam
  • Safety lock 
  • Strap lock 

Our plastic buckles also come in many different sizes ranging from ½” to 2” as well as many different designs within our 6 major categories, depending on the specific buckle. For example, we offer four styles of plastic side release buckles in different widths and configurations to meet a variety of design needs. 

Plastic buckles can be used for many different purposes from straps and tie downs to belts, bags and much more. Each buckles tensile strength increases as the size increases allowing for use with heavier loads as the size of the strapping increases.

We sell high quality plastic buckles at competitive prices to help you save money and time. Our expert sales staff will be happy to help you make sure you purchase the correct buckle for your project. Visit our Plastic Hardware page for more great options.