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National Webbing Co. (NWP) is the prime manufacturer of webbing for the furniture and chair industry. We offer a full line of webbing in a variety of materials including jute, nylon, cotton, polyester and polypropylene, all available in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns and widths. Our narrow fabrics include woven webbings, tapes, braids, cords and elastics.

Our cotton furniture moving webbing has two blue tracers and the extra strength furniture moving webbing has two blue tracers with a single red center tracer. In addition to the webbing we also carry the metal buckles used for the moving products, you can purchase separately and assemble or we can provide the finished straps in sizes from 12ft to 25ft.

The mattress tapes have a very soft hand; they are woven to order in cotton. We can dye to match your color standard.

Our Shaker Webbing (Shaker fabric tape) is preferred over rush, wood splint, or cane because of its functionality. The web is heavy-duty 100% fast color cotton webbing, dyed to your color specification.  The color widths are 5/8" and 1", and are all woven to order.

Our 9FE is a superior quality furniture elastic that can be woven in various widths and colors, catering to your spec.  It is made using polyester and other synthetic fibers.  This item is known for its strength, high tenacity and abrasion resistance.

Our jute furniture webbing is strong, rigid, non-stretch and commonly used for upholstery.  This item can also be used for products such as seats, backs, belts, tote bags, luggage racks, and other applications.  This item is woven to order in a variety of widths, and accent colors such as red, black, and blue.

As a fully vertically integrated producer of webbing products with facilities in the US and Asia, we can create custom webbing products to meet your company’s special requirements and specifications. Our prices are very competitive and we work hard to give you the best prices for all our quality products. If you are not sure which webbing products will meet your needs, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make the right choice. Call us today for more information or samples.